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StackBox Structures, LLC. is an event infrastructure company that designs mobile structures using shipping containers and truss systems to address structural solutions for action sports and entertainment events.
  • Ship & Stack system reduces event cost and production time
  • Proprietary system transforms into virtually any event configuration
  • New branding standards elevate PR and event impact
  • Meets or exceeds structural requirements of state and local building codes
Versatile components and portability enable a variety of event applications.
  • StackBox RAMPS - Snow, Skate, Moto, BMX, Sledding, Tubing
  • StackBox DISPLAYS - Custom designed containers for product display
  • StackBox STADIUMS - Skybox & bleachers systems
  • StackBox THEATERS - Video wall systems
  • StackBox STAGES - Elevated entertainment stages
  • StackBox VILLAGES - Event villages
  • StackBox OPS - Production and green rooms
  • StackBox SPACES - Covered event spaces
  • StackBox CLUBS - Café & bar
Our patented truss systems work in conjunction with standard shipping containers to facilitate a wide variety of structural features.
  • Sturdy structures
  • Ease of transport
  • On site storage
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Custom radius curves
  • Deck panels may be surfaced with Skatelite®
  • Safety railings
  • Stairs
  • Elevator access
  • Large panel branding
  • Illumination system ready


The StackBox was started by the co-founders coming together from two very different worlds… engineering world meets the marketing world. For some reason, all the people who built the various action sports ramps over the years never seemed to stop and ask the question… “there must be a better way to build it?” Sometimes it takes an outside view point to see the forest through the trees. Our contributions and inspiration came in different ways.

Eric Carlson P.E.

Eric leads engineering design, operations, and logistics

It all began...
I really like challenges so when Rory came to me with a challenge of “there’s got to be a better way” and the notion of using containers I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I had the first design. We needed a superior structure so that we could be relatively unlimited in height, we needed speed to erect and take down, and we needed more facility in and around the structure to add more value. I think we got it. When I saw some of the work that Jeff was doing I knew I needed him on the team and together we evolved the design. We now have a system which is limited in height only by the ground it is placed on. We have a system which largely clicks together, has clear spans under the structure to use the space in tight venues and goes up and down in half the time. We have a system that can sustain large wind loads, adaptable, reconfigurable, and I think could evolve the action sport event world.

What is next...
Working with the athletes, clients, and industry professionals has really been exciting for me. There is no other people that can dream the extreme like them and to be able to create the structure for them to exceed has been a pleasure beyond words.

Rory Strunk
Rory leads the client development and marketing efforts.

It all began...
A rail jam ramp seemed like a pretty simple construction project. As I watched for several days the construction of Rail Jam ramp in Union Square NYC, it struck me that there just has to be a better way to come with a system that goes up faster, is adjustable and avoids the wasteful tossing out of wood decking material. Driven by the simple motivations of time, waste and cost, I began thinking about building a new ramp standard for action sports with three things that just might make it happen… shipping containers for elevation, erector set like adjustable beams and my best friend who loves engineering challenges. A sketch on a napkin over a couple of beers and StackBox Structures was in the works.

What is next ...
I’m not an engineer but I love what engineering can do to unlock new event opportunities. StackBox has the potential to unlock things that have never been done in sports and with it the ability to invent even new sporting events.

Jeffrey Limbert
Utilizing Autodesk’s Inventor Professional 3D solid modeling, Jeff brings a unique set of skills to the Stackbox table.

It all began...
Before Stackbox had been given a name and shortly after Eric and Rory put pen to napkin, Eric had seen some of the work I had done with my previous job. I had been designing and creating 3D solid models on the computer. The 3D models were presented as photorealistic renderings. Eric pitched the Stackbox idea to me over lunch. I immediately saw the challenges. Not only to the obvious of designing the structures but learning the depth of the extreme sports utilizing them.

What is next...
The talented and imaginative athletes that utilize these structures are a unique set of individuals that live and breathe their passion and pick of extreme sports. Being able to rise to this level of precision and perfection is a challenge that has me looking forward to each new day. I also believe that there is a way to bring these athletes and events to the fans as well as provide the opportunity for the fans to participate in their own form of these events.