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Red Bull Snowscrapers 2009
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Client:  Red Bull

Location:  East River Park, NYC

Launch:  90’ high

In run:  40 degrees

Stair Access:  120 steps each side, 24’ kicker jump & 15’ gap

Hip Landing:  32’ high x 80’ long, 50 degree landing, 93 Shipping Containers, 336’ overall length
The Red Bull Snowscrapers built by StackBox Structures was NYC’s first ever big air snowboard competition. Over 30,000 New Yorkers packed East River Park to catch 16 of the world’s best snowboarders from Shaun White to Travis Rice fly above the NYC Skyline.

StackBox Structures teamed up with Red Bull, Aura360 and Snow Park Technologies to create an innovative jump that would bring the action of the riders closer to the viewing public then the standard big air jump. Our original design was a 135 feet tower but the city limited us to 90 feet jump tower in the first year. The success of this year’s event sets the stage for going really big in 2010!