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Union Square Street Sessions 2008
Design        Photos
Client:  Aura360

Location:  Union Square, NYC

In run:  20 degree pitch

Transition:  9’ high x 10’wide

Features:  Wall, Stair Rail, Gap, Jeep Rail

Facts:  17’ high x 40’ wide, 8 Shipping Containers, 120’ overall length
The Union Square Street Sessions rail jam was the event that started the creation of Stackbox Structures. It was the realization by co-founder Rory Strunk that there had to be a better way to build action sports ramps then the standard model of scaffolding and disposable wood decking. The napkin sketch was transformed by co-founder Eric Carlson into the vision of a “snap and go” system. The new history of Stack Box started on the streets of NY with an 18 foot high ramp and one year later grew to a 90 foot high Snowboard hip jump with the only adjustable ramp system in the world.